We are a leading company based in New Delhi engaged in trading of Hospital Furniture & Medical Equipments. Over the years, we have spread our operations to exporting, importing, and trading of Medical Equipments, Surgical and Hospital Requisites, etc. As one of the fastest-growing companies in this sector, we have understood each and every requirement of hospitals in terms of furniture and equipment requirements.

Dental X-ray
Analytic balanceAnaesthetic machineICU bed
Dental X-ray film processor
Binocular microscopeDefibrillatorBaby cot
Mobile X -ray unit
Blood bank refrigeratorECG MonitorTrolley, general purpose
Mobile X -ray unit with Image intensifier
Blood cell counter, ElectricalLaryngoscopeTrolley, instrument
X-ray safe light
CalorimeterOxygen regulatorTrolley, dressing
Ultra sound unit(general)
CentrifugeVital Signs MonitorInfusion stand
X-ray viewer(single screen)
Glucose analyzerResuscitation bag, adultECG Monitor
X-ray viewer(double screen)
Haemoglobinometer, electronicResuscitation bag, infantInfant radiant warmer
Cassettee pass- box
Weighing scale adultAutoclaveInfusion pump
Film marker
HIV screening machine/ Test kitsElectrosurgical unitSyringe pump
General X-ray Unit
Hot air ovenOperating theatre lamp,ceiling mounted.Refrigerator, general
Automatic Film Processor
Bilirubin meterInstrument cabinetPatient monitor
Manual Film Processor
Incubator, laboratoryInstrument table (MAYO)Spotlight
HDUKerosene StoveOperating theatre lamp, mobileMobile X -ray unit
BedPH meterOperating theatre table, majorDefibrillator
Baby cotTrip BalanceSpot lightSuction machine, electric
Trolley, general purposeVaccine transport boxSurgeon’s stoolVentilator, adult
Trolley, instrumentWater bathSurgeon foot stepVentilator, infant
Trolley, dressingWater de-ionizerVacuum PlantPatient trolley
Infusion standWater distillerCaesaerian section setCSSD
Suction machine, electricGlass ware set, LaboratoryPulse oximeterAutoclave, large
Patient trolleyHand tally counterRefrigeratorInstrument Cabinet
Slide warmerSterilizing drum(see annex)Ultrasonic Washer
MixerGeneral set(see annex)Instrument Shelves
Digital count penPatient trolleyInstrument drying cabinet
NeuberchamberInstrument trolleysInstrument sets (assorted)
AutoclaveSuction machine, electricSterilizing drums (assorted)
Myomectomy(see annex)
Stretcher with IV poleDistillerEye Chart E-typePneumatic ear speculum
Examination couch  metal/woodenFridge, PharmaceticalEye chartTuning fork
Examination lamp, mobileBalance, precisionOphthalmoscope setNoise Box
Infusion standBalance, heavy dutyEye tonometerEar Syringe
Infant weighing scaleMotor & pestleCorneal trephineHead light
Emergency lampTablet counterFocimeter 240ENT Diagnostic Set
Screen bedWeighing scale(electronic)PerimeterAudiometer, diagnostic
Spot lightDrug cabinetEye loupeENT Treatment Chair
Tape measureCounting traysTrial LensBrondoscope, adult
Weighing scale adultDispensing stoolsIndirect OpthalmoscopeBrondoscope, paed
Wheel chair adultFire extinguisherEye examination microscope with tonometerTelespectomy set, adult
Eye operation microscope
Diagnostic setMinor TheatreTelespectomy set, paed
Operating table, simpleCataract set
Trolley, instrumentLid surgery set
X-Ray viewerOtoscope
Trolley, dressingOperating stool
Thermometer clinicalTonsilectomy
StethoscopeBP machine
Examination couch  metal/woodenRetinoscope
Percussion HammerStethoscope
Screen bedSlit Lamp
FetoscopeSterilising drum
StethoscopePlant operating ophthamology
Stethoscope, babyPortable lamp
Spot lightICCE set
Suction machine, electricalCellman hooks
ECCE + 11 set
Lockable CabinetLaryngeal mirror
Fire extinguisherCautery machine
Oxygen SetTroucher and canulla
ENT Table
Jobson horn probe
Nasal speculum
Curing bath
AmalgamatorExamination couch  metal/woodenCommode chair
Model trimmer
Dental chair unitExamination lamp, mobileCool box
High speed grinder
Suction machineInfusion standElectric cookers
Model drier
X – ray viewerEmergency lampExamination couch  metal/wooden
Dental flask
Dental instrument cabinetRefrigerator, pharmaceuticalExamination lamp, mobile
Dental clamp
Dental examination mirrorScreen bedInfusion stand
Crown flask with clamp
Examination probesSpot lightInfant weighing scale
Wax knife
ExplorersTape measureEmergency lamp
Polishing lathe
Ultrasonic scalarTrolley instrument(assorted)Refrigerator
Orthodontic plier(set)see annex
Dental autoclaveTrolley, dressingScreen bed
Dental extraction forceps(assorted) -see annexTrolley, gas cylinderSpot light
Dental Articulator
Dental Compressor(50litres)Trolley, general purposeTape measure
Work bench
Hand pieces, 4holes, high speedTrolley,EmergencyTrolley instrument(assorted)
Pin dexing
CondensersTrolley, linenTrolley, dressing
CurversSuspension motor/micromotor with stand
Trolley, medicine/drugTrolley, oxygen gas cylinder
ExcavatorsHeating furnace
Trolley, patient, stretcherTrolley, general purpose
BurnishersSpirit lamp
Wall clockTrolley, linen
Minor TheatreHydroflask/pressure pot
Wheel chair adultTrolley, medicine/drug
Operating table, simpleProgrammed porcelain machine
Diagnostic setTrolley, patient, stretcher
Trolley, instrumentPlaster knife
Manual suction machineWall clock
Trolley, dressingBench press
Sphygmomanometer,Weighing scale adult with height measuring
SphygmomanometerDewaxing machine
Thermometer clinicalWheel chair adult
Examination couch  metal/woodenHot air syringe
StethoscopeHollow ware set, ward (Assorted)
Screen bedFret saw
Percussion HammerDiagnostic set
StethoscopeSand plaster
FetoscopeManual suction machine
Spot lightWire cutter
Stethoscope, babySphygmomanometer
Lecron cover
ORTHOPAEDIC TECHNOLOGYSuction machine, electricalThermometer clinical
Air compressor
Work benchAmbu bag, adultStethoscope
Casting machine
Examination couchAmbu bag, pediatricsPercussion Hammer
Rubber mixing bowl
Electric leather sewing machineDefibrillatorStethoscope, baby
Mixing spatula
Parallel barECG MonitorSuction machine, electrical
Electric ovenLaryngoscopeOxygen set
Electric cast cutterKITCHENOxygen regulator with flow meterElectric kettle
Limb ViceCooking potAirways,assorted sizesBed craddle
Jig sawCold roomMouth gagsElectric heater(wall mounted)
Arc welding machinePotato PeelerIntubation tubes, assorted sizesDressing pack
Column drill with quick chuckChest tubes
Gas cookerLAUNDRY
Heat gunNebulisers
Weighing machineWasher extractor
Grinding machineCervical collars
Food trolleyDrier
Vacuum laminating machineThomas Splints
Meat mincerIroner
Air compressorUnderwater seal drainage
LactometerLinen cupboard
Shoe stretcherAutoclaving Drums
FlasksLinen trolley
Prosthetic kitOxygen concentrators
Tea Urn
Orthotic kitResuscitation trays
Refrigerator -domestic
Engineer’s viceX ray Viewers
Drilling machineEnema Set
Spoke shavePedal Pins
Bending iron
Stainless Steel trays
Router machine
Gastric lavage set
PVA sealing iron
Pulse oximeter